Anker Armband - Segeltau Armband ohne Anker

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Anchor bracelet made of stainless steel and nautical rope

Anchor bracelet from Seeweib – handmade bracelets without the anchor and necklaces that were made with love for every free soul in order to connect them.

Stainless Steel Spirit anchor Bracelet was created for her and him from industrial marine stainless steal, it has not a real anchor, but anyway it has the yacht parts. Our mens bracelets or bracelets for women are created as friendship bracelets for every day leisure. We created it for women, for men, for a fried, for a lover, for a dreamer, for a adventurer… Unisex but yet so individual. Separate but also connecting. No mater where you and your fried are.

Stainless steel jewelry, best gift idea for a special person. Our anchor bracelet is ideal for sea and mountain enthusiasts, for surfers, for sailors, for skaters, for travelers, for bikers, for snowboarders, for runners, for any free spirit souls trapped in a body of accountants, lawyers, teachers… Stainless Steel Spirit anchor bracelet will allow you to enjoy your life with a twist of style in a way stainless steel was never used before.

Every detail in our bracelets was made from marine grade stainless steel AISI 316 L. Yes, that one stainless steel that sailors use in Regatas, in that fast yachts that cross the ocean. Lets begin your ocean race!

Not all the yachts has anchor, also our bracelets are without the anchor, but with yacht parts.

Unisex bracelets for sea lovers – Style Spirit Bracelet – stylish, casual and elegant bracelets for women or men to add character for his and her style, available in 9 colours. You search mens bracelets or bracelet for women – here you at the right place!

For sea and mountain enthusiasts, our bracelets also loved as sailors bracelets, surfer bracelets, skaters bracelets, travelers bracelets, bikers bracelets , snowboarders bracelets , runners bracelets. Adds character to your style, but is also office approved. Perfect for someone, who always wants to expand his/her limits.

We use the same rope, the sailors use in regatta sailing, which ensures longevity of the nautical bracelet and comfort in wearing it.

Made in Lithuania. Available Worldwide. Free Shipping. It does not get better than this.