Men’s bracelets or bracelet for women from Seeweib: How it’s Made?

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Men’s bracelets or bracelet for women from Seeweib: How it’s Made?

Seeweib is engaged in the handmade manufacture of stylish outdoor unisex bracelets and necklaces from nautical ropes and marine grade stainless steel AISI 316L. Due to the distinctive characteristics of nautical ropes and the stainless steel (corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, UV resistance and etc.) and extensive experience in the manufacture of bracelets from industrial materials, the company carries out its activities in modern industrial jewelry industry.

Our experience enables us to handle the most complex orders from the presentation of an idea to handmade production. This includes the production of prototypes, product testing and introduction to our customer.

How it’s made and material we use?

The following technology is used for the production of SEEWEIB bracelets (eng. mermaid) – registered brand name:

Manual handling. First, to manufacture our bracelets we don’t use any industrial machinery, except the pliers, scissors, needle and hand tools for grinding and polishing. Second, we use only high quality materials such as HT sailing ropes, which are produced specially for our order and the highest grade marine stainless steel. Third, we design in our studio here in Lithuania not only the bracelets, but inspired by the sea watersports and sand, cities and street fashion, we create also necklaces collections, combine it with stainless steel or leather chokers. We found the right balance for men's jewelry and jewelry for women -  as example, we designed a necklace, worn not as usually by women but also by men. Our mens necklaces and necklaces for women are unisex - now we have new age stainless steel tie for him & her J

Uniqueness of Seeweib designed accessories is the balance between industrial age and fashion, quality and longevity:

  • with our jewelry you can bath, swim, sail, surf, snowboard, skate, bike, run or workout in fitness studio
  • Beautiful & stylish look and sensible in use

Enjoy! Happy shopping!

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