Mens Jewelry: A guide to men's bracelets & men's necklaces

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Men's Jewelry: A guide to men's bracelets & men's necklaces

When it comes to men jewelry there are many barriers and guidelines. Think of it; a wedding ring, a watch, sometimes cuff links if a shirt or occasion called for it. Tie bars come and go in fashion and in late 80's a neck chain got worn on a night out. All these belong to the past. In 2017, men jewelry is everywhere and mostly they can be seen on them.

Except for the timeless pieces of accessories, mentioned above (watch, cufflinks etc.), now men wear more contemporary ornaments. Two of the most popular are men necklaces and men bracelets. A typical lady-like jewelry is now added to men's boudoir. This fact gives men the ability to express their style in any way possible. Even though the style is subjective there is one golden rule everyone agrees to; less is more.

Men necklaces are here, and won't leave anytime soon! While chains were always a classic, bead and ball neck chains with a dog tag or other shape are on-trend. Men layer up with metals and it looks like the perfect fashion statement.

Seeweib styling tip

Start with one mid-length or max-length minimal chain and save the crystals, anchors, and skull charms for later. Your new chain adds bold detail to a simple tee or sweatshirt and dresses up an otherwise plain fit. Plus, who can resist a man who knows how to layer necklaces? Here are the chains we adore.

Men bracelets, on the other hand, are now becoming known and can be seen by many influencers around the world. They rise up the infamous "wrist game"! This game is only for the ones who dare to try something new, such as men bracelets.

Seeweib styling tip

Wear your cuff by itself on the opposite wrist from your go-to watches, or layered with a few braided bracelets. What's important is that you don't take it too seriously. Have fun, try on a few, and see how it feels. To help you on the road to total jewelry success, check ours here.

Men jewelry and mostly men's necklaces and men's bracelets were somehow unappreciated but now are more popular than ever. Here in Seeweib, we aim to craft jewelry that is timeless and yet stylish. Men do wear accessories and we are happy to craft amazing ornaments for them too. Either a plain metallic necklace or an anchored funky bracelet you can always find in our store that one piece that will upgrade your outfit.

4 Comment(s)

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