Our story

Seeweib® - Inspired by sea, sand dunes, wind & lifestyle of freedom


Where and who

Seeweib artisans - craftsmen from the Baltic Sea – a sea of the Atlantic Ocean, which connects Germany, Denmark, Poland, Scandinavia & Baltic Countries. Inspired by the sea, sand dunes of the Curonian Spit, winds of the green-deep blue Baltic sea, excitement of new journeys & harmony between men and nature, we opened our workshop early 2017. Yes, here and at this time begins our story. Let’s join our family and begin our adventure together.


What we do

We, the artisans - craftsmen at Seeweib, make nautical / sport / outdoor / leisure / you-name-it bracelets from marine ropes and marine grade stainless steel AISI316 materials - all in aim to withstand the rough days at the Baltic Sea. We strived to create a collection of pieces to reflect the surroundings of the Curonian Spit, which we are blessed to live in every day. We wanted to share the true Baltic emotion with our customers, as hunger for new adventures knows no boundaries or limits. So it doesn’t matter if you are sailor, boater, snowboarder, rider, wakeboarder, traveler or just a free spirit trapped in a body of the banker – the bracelets will be with you at your daily challenge.


It doesn’t matter from where you come , what language do you speak, no matter what gender you are, what you do for your living or for your soul – we all are the travelers and explorers of new worlds, who aim to LIVE each moment life throws at us. We offer you another style of accessories, that will attend your every day and allow you to express the hunger for adventure. With love - from our hands to yours.

Handmade in Lithuania! 

What is it SEEWEIB 

Many names, one meaning – you name it - Seeweib, Meerhungfrau, Wasserfrau, Nixe, Mermaid, Seamaid, Sirène, Sirena, Gorgone, Rusalka, Sellő, Havfrue, γοργόνα, Meermin, Näkineitsi, Merineitsi, Morska deklica, Morská panna, Sjöjungfru, Sereia, Merenneito, Syreni, マーメイド, Deniz Kızı, Suv parisi, Undine, Ondine …. Damn, how many languages we have in all over the world?